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In April 2021, there was a sudden death of one of my close relative, it was a difficult time to go through. With the final reports, the doctor asked if we want to donate organs.
His eyes were donated, and that was a fascinating moment for me. I had never seen anyone donate organs around me and this experience itself was very interesting.

After we returned home, I decided I want to be able to help people posthumously. I started my research as to how can someone donate organs. Most of us do not know how to pledge our organs and tissues for donation, or despite pledging, fail to understand the process. Some countries like Spain and UK consider every citizen to be a donor unless they specify not to do so in their lifetime. However, in India, our opt-in system enables an immediate family member to have the opportunity to donate the organs of the deceased.

By being an organ donor, you can make a difference in up to 8 lives! There is a proverbial statement in southern India about how a coconut tree gives out when alive and is also useful when dead. Donating an organ after death is about celebrating your life! It allows you to be of use and to help people even after we are not around anymore.

With all these in mind, I pledged for Organ Donation under National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization online on their website. You can also do the same here. After 2-3 days, you will receive your Organ Donor Card in your mail with Government recognised registration number for pledging our organs and tissues. Although the donor card has no legal standing, it is also not mandatory for donation. But it does help the family in making a choice in difficult times. Thus, one must share the decision to donate with immediate family members.

A selfless act like this can easily change the life in favour of a needy. Your organs might benefit someone else after your death and your memory will live on for the grateful people who receive your organs. With this, I would like to call all the readers to sign up for donation as well. You never know, you might add a little sparkle to someone’s life. You can also let me know your experience of organ donations and how someone received help in your vicinity.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Many people (including us) want to go about it but don’t know the exact process of organ donation. This will certainly help in finding ways to be a ‘coconut tree’!!
    Also, there is a film called ‘Ship of Theseus’. We are sure you would have loved it. And in case you haven’t watched yet, we recommend you to go for it. Your belief in organ donation will only get more strong and deep.

    Keep Smiling. Keep Writing.

    Team GoodWill

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  2. Good step to take. The skin is an organ which people overlook, but the number of burns victims requiring skin transplants is not small. Hospitals which are equipped for it are always glad to accept that donation.

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  3. Such type of things can’t be described with words and appreciation. It deserves only respect. 👏 Such a great soul with noble determination. #SoBrave 😀

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