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Respect, for me, is acceptance.

Yes, when you think about it for a while, it does make sense. To respect somebody is to accept their way of life no matter how different they are, even when you don’t agree with them. Whenever you encounter someone different, there are two ways in which you can behave, either you respectfully accept their views, opinion, and perspectives or you become rude, arrogant and negligent. Being rude is a choice, just like being kind and respectful is.

Interestingly, there are 7.9 Billion People on earth and each one’s views, beliefs, perceptions and flaws are subjective. What is normal for someone, is not for others. That’s what makes us unique. You become disrespectful the moment you deny someone the right to be different.
Respect, again, consists of two aspects: Personal Identity and Interpersonal Relationships. How you deal with someone, irrespective of their personal characteristics, is the reflection of our character and behaviour and that’s how you make a healthy, trusted and long-term relationship.

How to know that you are respected and are being respectful to others?

Here are some points that will help you:
a. You feel safe being around the other.
b. You express openly without being conscious. Be Straightforward and not rude.
c. Keep your emotions in check. You don’t shout over the top of the other.
d. You disagree, but understand the other’s opinion. You don’t demean others values and feeling.
e. You give the other person the liberty to exercise their choices. Practice humility.
f. Most Importantly, you admit when you make a mistake and address the mistakes with kindness when done by others.

What to do when you are not being respected?

a. Understand their Point of view
b. Speak up!
c. Talk to somebody more experienced than you are
d. Give the person a chance to change.
e. It’s ok to end relationships with people who can’t be respectful to you

You see, you cannot change everyone. But you can create a difference, by being respectful to yourself and towards others. The corporate culture has taught me that the respect you give is the respect you get. It is a mutual process and the changes start from You. Being respectful toward others is one part of the puzzle. I cannot emphasize more the importance of having to respect yourself, but that is for another blog.
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With all due respect,


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It’s been a while I have been stocking books on my bookshelf to be read, and it was high time I should start reading those.

Being an ardent lover of mythological texts, I wanted to fresh-start my reading journey from a much-hyped book about the God I love the most – Shiva, and what better book could it be other than the Shiva Trilogy penned by Amish Tripathi.

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This post is about the first book i.e. “The Immortals of Meluha“. Whoa! What a read it was! In short, just wonderful. I almost fell in love with the third-person narration of the story which gives a bird’s eye view about the events going on without hurting the religious sentiments of people associated with the characters (Lord Shiva, Ram, Sati Nandi, etc). It is a perfect amalgamation of philosophy, history, folklore, science, and mythology.

The perfectness of Meluha, the romantic love story of Shiva and Sati, the unexceptionable devotion of Nandi to his Master, brilliantly written scenes and battle tactics, and overall the Greatness of Shiva who treats every human with love, respect, and dignity. On one hand, it does not diminish the Divine image that Hinduism holds about Shiva, but on the other hand, successfully depicts Him in a human form with insecurities and inner conflicts when a huge number of people rest their faith in Him. It truly adds to the story and thus becomes a real page-turner for me. I enjoyed this one and recommend it to whoever is interested in mythological fiction from a different perspective. It is refreshing indeed!

Immortals of Meluha मेलुहा के मृत्युंजय shiva trilogy pdf audiobook hindi quotes read online genre author book amazon rating shiva sati daksha mythological fiction mehulache mrityunjay price Gujarati Malayalam marathi assamese good reads

The plot starts in 1900 BC where Shiva, as we know him as a God, but here depicted as a normal Tibetan tribesman, later declared as Neelkanth (the one with the blue throat) visits a strange near-perfect land of Meluha. Here he meets the love of his life – Sati ( the beautiful and independent Suryavanshi princess). He comes to know that he is supposed to fulfill a prophesy, to destroy the evil. The story engages the readers on multiple layers. Multiple scenes explained adds up to the fascination of the reader like the battle scene where Shiva declared Har Har Mahadev(everyone, who fights the evil, is Mahadev!, how cool is that) or the Scene where Sati was poisoned with Agniban and professed her love for Shiva or the Leaf scene where the Brahmin described Shiva as someone who emits positivity. What I found the most interesting among all these enthralling narrations is the philosophy of evil. I related to this at a different level. It says that evil is a subjective concept. One might perceive something as evil while the same can be considered sacred as others. Isn’t that so deep!

However, I felt that some more build-up of the character could have been done to the characters to enhance the details. Over glorification of Meluha and Suryavanshi’s way of life somehow slows down the pace of the book to some extent, but the latter half adds up to the story much more. The character of Shiva is portrayed in a way that one can relate him to movie actors who fall in love at the first sight of the lead actress, Sati in this case, and gets the love his while fighting all odds. Probably the cheesy romance adds up more to the story.

I would give this book a 4/5. You can call me little biased based on the fact that I am an fervent devotee of Mahadev, but the beauty of this story can only be felt when read!! Happy Reading.

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