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In April 2021, there was a sudden death of one of my close relative, it was a difficult time to go through. With the final reports, the doctor asked if we want to donate organs.
His eyes were donated, and that was a fascinating moment for me. I had never seen anyone donate organs around me and this experience itself was very interesting.

After we returned home, I decided I want to be able to help people posthumously. I started my research as to how can someone donate organs. Most of us do not know how to pledge our organs and tissues for donation, or despite pledging, fail to understand the process. Some countries like Spain and UK consider every citizen to be a donor unless they specify not to do so in their lifetime. However, in India, our opt-in system enables an immediate family member to have the opportunity to donate the organs of the deceased.

By being an organ donor, you can make a difference in up to 8 lives! There is a proverbial statement in southern India about how a coconut tree gives out when alive and is also useful when dead. Donating an organ after death is about celebrating your life! It allows you to be of use and to help people even after we are not around anymore.

With all these in mind, I pledged for Organ Donation under National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization online on their website. You can also do the same here. After 2-3 days, you will receive your Organ Donor Card in your mail with Government recognised registration number for pledging our organs and tissues. Although the donor card has no legal standing, it is also not mandatory for donation. But it does help the family in making a choice in difficult times. Thus, one must share the decision to donate with immediate family members.

A selfless act like this can easily change the life in favour of a needy. Your organs might benefit someone else after your death and your memory will live on for the grateful people who receive your organs. With this, I would like to call all the readers to sign up for donation as well. You never know, you might add a little sparkle to someone’s life. You can also let me know your experience of organ donations and how someone received help in your vicinity.

With Love,


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Respect, for me, is acceptance.

Yes, when you think about it for a while, it does make sense. To respect somebody is to accept their way of life no matter how different they are, even when you don’t agree with them. Whenever you encounter someone different, there are two ways in which you can behave, either you respectfully accept their views, opinion, and perspectives or you become rude, arrogant and negligent. Being rude is a choice, just like being kind and respectful is.

Interestingly, there are 7.9 Billion People on earth and each one’s views, beliefs, perceptions and flaws are subjective. What is normal for someone, is not for others. That’s what makes us unique. You become disrespectful the moment you deny someone the right to be different.
Respect, again, consists of two aspects: Personal Identity and Interpersonal Relationships. How you deal with someone, irrespective of their personal characteristics, is the reflection of our character and behaviour and that’s how you make a healthy, trusted and long-term relationship.

How to know that you are respected and are being respectful to others?

Here are some points that will help you:
a. You feel safe being around the other.
b. You express openly without being conscious. Be Straightforward and not rude.
c. Keep your emotions in check. You don’t shout over the top of the other.
d. You disagree, but understand the other’s opinion. You don’t demean others values and feeling.
e. You give the other person the liberty to exercise their choices. Practice humility.
f. Most Importantly, you admit when you make a mistake and address the mistakes with kindness when done by others.

What to do when you are not being respected?

a. Understand their Point of view
b. Speak up!
c. Talk to somebody more experienced than you are
d. Give the person a chance to change.
e. It’s ok to end relationships with people who can’t be respectful to you

You see, you cannot change everyone. But you can create a difference, by being respectful to yourself and towards others. The corporate culture has taught me that the respect you give is the respect you get. It is a mutual process and the changes start from You. Being respectful toward others is one part of the puzzle. I cannot emphasize more the importance of having to respect yourself, but that is for another blog.
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With all due respect,


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Happy Women’s Day!! Being a woman, mockery for not being a “good driver” would have surely come your way and Women’s Day is all about breaking these Glass Ceilings. Recently, I uploaded a video of me driving a car. This was a moment of achievement as it has been one of the major bucket list items that I have been planning to tick off for a long time, partially because I am turning 26 soon (though I totally don’t feel it 😛 ).

Yeah, what a shame, to be turning 26 and still not knowing how to drive a car. Since my friends drive like I have extra lives, I decided to do myself a favor and learn driving myself. This is how it was struck off my bucket list.

This journey had started in 2019 when a colleague (and a very good friend of mine) offered to teach me and few of my friends how to drive. Those were my initial lessons and i was taught the ABCs of driving, literally. So, the first car that I had started learning on was a Ford Aspire.

With the onset of the pandemic, work from home began. I lost touch from the usual practise. When the lockdown was lifted, I and my sister decided that we should learn driving together.

26th January 2021, the day when we started the training with one of the reputed driving training schools – Peacock Driving Training School!!

The trainer Mr. Sankar who has been training people to drive for the past 12 years was very welcoming and made sure I was not too nervous before the beginning of the lessons. With my experience of driving, I had learnt that it’s very important to be calm and relaxed when you drive, otherwise things can go wrong. The trainer patiently took control and explained the technicalities perfectly, and again whenever things went wrong. The training went on for a span of two weeks. At the end of the training, I was pretty sure I could drive decently.

Life with Lax SUbhalaxmi Driving Happiness is taking my Dad's Place in the Driving Seat

On the 16th day, I decided to start practising in our own car, an Indica Vista. This turned out to be a very traumatic experience at first. It took time to understand the controls as it was way different from the training car that I had driven previously. The clutch seemed quite sensitive, it felt as if I don’t require an accelerator in this one. The steering had a different story to tell, the left side mirror was missing and so was my ability to reverse the car properly. My father who was there to help me out with learning about the controls was in a frenzy.

I was nervous. Confused. Lost. And almost in tears!!

With time, things got better. I got more comfortable with every turn I took. I started to love the smoothness of it, instead of the grumbling engine of the training school car. The gears and clutch control came more naturally to me this time. The techniques learnt from the training school were polished with practise. After almost a week or two, I was ready to hit the road.

What did I learn from this experience?

Be responsible when on road.
When driving you are responsible for your life, and also for others who are with you on road. Rash driving is most likely to injure other people and might land you in jail for up to 6 months.

Don’t be over-confident about your skills.
Things can go wrong in a flick of seconds and you might hurt other people on road. Stay completely focused and relaxed. Understand how much you can handle and abide by that.

Go by techniques, rather than just intuitions.
Techniques will help you get through emergency situations. Remember what you learnt from your trainer: how to drive uphill, what gear to apply, how to control the clutch in a busy road.
My personal recommendation would be to maintain a safe distance from all sides and the vehicles around you. When you are in a country like India, where the number of vehicles on road is increasing day-by-day, it is very normal to encounter unforeseen situations. Keeping a safe distance will enable you to act when such a situation comes up. Inculcating this habit in the beginning stages can greatly help you in the future.

Have someone to help, if needed.
Initially start with an experienced and cool minded trainer. I cannot emphasize it more. I have known people who could not learnt driving due to impatient and short-tempered trainers. Be mentally prepared for anything. It is recommended to start with a car with controls on both sides. (Training schools teach you in such cars!)

Observe and Learn.
If someone is driving you, observe the driver and their actions in different situations. You should be able to predict when to change the gears, control the clutch, look out for other vehicles and change the lanes while giving space to other cars.

Learning new things has always been my thing and driving is unarguably a must-have-skill. Be it a travel trip or any medical emergency, driving makes you reliable and independent, and lets you live life to the fullest. Don’t be skeptical about learning to drive, if you haven’t already. Trust me, you won’t regret this.

Happy Driving!

With Love,


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“Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not. Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you’ve made. Especially the progress no one else can see.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Yeah, the ‘most overrated holiday’, when our social media feeds are loaded up by posts of chocolates, roses, teddy bears and of course, some EXTRA love! No matter how bad it gets, we never really fall out of it, and thus celebrating the day is not something to be missed out on. I celebrated this day by spoiling myself with some self-love and pampering in the most cliched way possible.

The morning started with hugs and wishes from the family and relatives, and some cute texts from friends. Soon, I kick-started the day by dripping some sweat that might save me from the guilt of gluttony all day. A few minutes of meditation and sun salutations charged me up and I was ready to indulge in some self-pampering for the day.

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

For the past few days, I have been craving for some sweets and this opportunity of treating myself with some delicacies was not something I was willing to let go of! So, I got dressed up after my morning routine and went out for a treat with my little sister who reluctantly let go of her diet for the day.

While indulging in delightful scoops of the dessert, we took some time to reflect on our experiences, past relationships, mistakes, joys, and what we learnt from them. True, we all need love in our life. But it’s not always that we have the experiences that we want. My experience with love has not been very good so far, and I have come to terms with myself that self-love is the best therapy that I can gift myself with. I have realized that I’m very special to myself, and I’m not willing to sacrifice my well-being to please others. It’s not being self-centred or selfish, rather it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our happiness, and wellbeing with all our quirks, perceived flaws, and doubts.

“Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: There’s a reason they all start with ‘self.’ You can’t find them in anyone else.”


On my way back, I decided to buy a plant as a gift to myself. I recently discovered my love for plants and was keen on growing some by myself.

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

For now, I only have a money plant in my garden for the past 2-3 months, and by some fortunate grace of God, it is not dead yet! After much brainstorming, we settled for a Garden Snapdragon that would be the best companion for my money plant, and I cannot wait to see them grow together.

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

Some friends from the nursery wanted to say Hi before we returned. So here they are:

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

We returned home to a V-Day special lunch cooked by my mom. My cousins gave us a surprise visit in the evening. This could not get any better.They are one of the reasons why I was a spoilt kid in my early childhood. They’ve always been with me through the thicks and thins of life. That is the most lovely thing about being a family. The love is so pure and unconditional, you tend to cherish it no matter what. They add value to your life and you add to theirs. After chit-chat of about an hour or so, we were hungry, AGAIN! This called for a evening outing and a small pizza party afterwards. After all, the day is about having the people you love and cherishing them for the rest of your life.

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

My perfect self-pampered V-day came to an end with a movie night. I hope you had a great time reading it.

So some final words of Lax-wisdom before we wind up?? Here it goes:

Everything does end well in love. And as King Khan says, if it’s not happy, it’s not ‘the end’. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!! You might find love from places you expected the least. So, let’s not lose hope in love and wait till it finds you. When it will find you, be ready to accept it in all your glory and shine. And yes, remember YOU ARE SPECIAL!!

With some EXTRA love,

Life with  Lax Subhalaxmi Rout Valentine's Day Beautiful Girl Self Love Happiness FLowers Plants Pizza

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