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The 1st trek I have ever done! It was a freakish 3500 stairs one way down to this village.

Yes, I have never trekked in my life. The only physical activity I have ever done in my life was Dance, but the level of difficulty that this trek posed was nothing near to the pain we go through while dancing.

Here’s my story of the first trek of my life and how I accomplished it. 🙂

So, we started in the early morning at 8:30 AM. reached the starting point by 9:00-9:15 PM. We met our guides James and Jeff, bought the bamboo trekking sticks worth 20 INR and started on the trail.

Let me give you a little brief about the living root bridges. These bridges are made from the roots of the Rubber Fig tree (Ficus elastica) which are pulled, tied and twisted and allowed to merge for around 15 years before they will be ready to use. These bridges are used to cross streams and rivers which becomes impossible during the rainy season when the rivers are full and the flow is high. The roots entangle within themselves and take years before they can bear the weight of a man, the villagers wait patiently for the time they can use the root bridges. The roots bridges are the best examples of bioengineering and provide a stable alternative to wood bridges that get decayed during the lengthy monsoon season. Isn’t that interesting!

Coming back to the trek, it takes one full day to complete. The trek till Double Decker Living Root Bridge is a total of 3500 stairs to a village called Nongriat that starts from the village Tyrna. Along with 3500 stairs, there’s a suspension bridge, one boulder trail, a few uphills, a few downhills and a few plains as well. Then you reach the double-decker living root bridge. From there, there’s a 2 hours trek to Rainbow Falls. The trail to Rainbow falls is really rough. And then the most difficult part starts where you have to climb all the way up till the Double Decker Living Root Bridges and then to the top through the 3500 stairs. I would not recommend doing the complete trek in a single day (which we did as we did not have time to stay) as the trek becomes VERY VERY TIRING when done in a single day. Many homestay options are also available if you are planning to stay down there.

We started our trek into the rainforest of huge trees, sky-high mountains and beautiful valleys. I was all smiles at the initial part of the trek, it was my first trek ever. We passed many small villages on the way. Small stalls were set up beside houses selling chips, biscuits, glucose and beverages. Our guides made us recognise the sacred grooves, plants and flowers on the way. We crossed multiple crystal clear natural ponds in the region. It was indeed a hidden paradise in the abode of clouds, Meghalaya! The descent was quite easy. We hoped our way toward the double-decker root bridge while clicking pictures and making reels on the way.

Then we reached the Double Decker Root Bridge. What a majestic art of nature it was. It was beautiful. Under the root bridges, there are a few pools where you can dip your swollen feet and enjoy a natural fish spa in the crystal clear waters! It feels weirdly satisfying and it’s just got to be done. Better yet, it’s natural and FREE. After chilling a few moments in the root bridge, we started for Rainbow Falls.

As we have heard from our guide, the rainbow is visible only for a few minutes from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. We had to reach there in time to catch the rainbow. I have not seen a rainbow since I was a kid. And the mere thought of seeing one kept me on my feet! We followed a few rough patches, boulders, vertical bamboo stairs and some normal stairs.

At around 12:10 PM, we reached the Rainbow Falls. And there it was. The Rainbow shining majestically with all 7 colours and view of the whole valley was just at another level. The water was super cold. And we had a sense of accomplishment in our hearts when we realised that we had not only completed one-way of one of the difficult treks but also caught the rainbow. Just in time. 😀

Sense of accomplishment of finishing the trek! (One-way, ofcourse)
Can you spot the rainbow?

While returning from the Rainbow Falls, we took a small diversion to a Blue Lagoon. The water as everywhere else in Meghalaya was soul-stirringly cold and clear. We sat for a few minutes along the lagoon and enjoyed the beautiful nature that we stay away from in the comfort of cities.

Only if I knew swimming..

Then, we were left with the painful task of climbing up the stairs! The trek up was Dreadful. We made a few friends along the way to whom we gave looks of despair and also encouraged each other while we had no idea how much more we had to climb up. The breaktimes became longer and more frequent. Our legs were ready to give up! Somehow we reached the top at around 05:00 PM.

Yeah, I was exhausted AF!

The trek was tiring and painful. I fell sick the next day. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! The valley, the flowers, the blue lagoons, the rough patches, the huge boulders and above all The Rainbows we caught on the way made the complete trek worth it all. The stories we heard on the way, the friends we made on the trip, the people we meet when we travel to new places. It’s all worth the pain that we might have to go through. And that’s what makes us travel again and again!

The difference of most of the treks of Meghalaya is that to reach your destination, you have to descend first then climb up all the way! This makes the treks more difficult. Nongriat Trek is similar and thus, here are some tips to complete treks in Meghalaya without any hurdles:

  1. Drink LOTSSSSSS of water. You sweat a lot, even in the coldest weather. Thus, some glucose intake is also advisable!
  2. Have some snacks on the way. Maggie, Bananas, Chips, Drinks etc. are available on the way.
  3. Decent trekking shoes are a MUST!
  4. If you are planning to stay at Nongriat, don’t forget to have Insect repellants. Mosquitoes are gigantic and are expected, guests. Rainforest, DUH!
  5. Don’t litter here and there. Make sure you throw wastes and wrappers only in the dustbins. The locals take good care of nature and you might end up in a nasty situation for throwing wastes here and there.
  6. Keep your will strong!
  7. Treat local people with respect. Ask permission before taking photos of anyone in Nongriat. Listen to their stories, and respect their advice. They know the land better than you.
  8. Pack light, it is difficult to climb with a lot of weight.
  9. If you’re trekking during the monsoons, it is advisable that you carry an umbrella, poncho or raincoat.
  10. Try reaching back to Tyrna village back before 5 pm. It gets dark very soon.
  11. Last but not the least, eat properly after the trek and Rest.


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel

Another Strike-off from my bucket list!

Recently on an office trip to Bangalore with two of my friends and coworkers, I decided to extend my stay for 2 days and explore Bangalore. While searching the internet from end-to-end for what I can do over the weekend, I found Scuba Diving near Puducherry which was only 358 km away from Bangalore. I was on cloud nine or maybe fifteenth. I skimmed through reviews, articles, blogs, and webpages to find out which is the best organisation that offers a Scuba Diving experience and the name that pops up everywhere is Temple Adventures. And it was decided, I was SCUBA DIVING for the weekend!

PADI certification has always been on my list, but I never planned to go diving without learning the technical stuff first, neither I planned on doing it at Puducherry. I am a non-swimmer, and going underwater still panicked me. I had numerous questions in my head. What if I get pulled away by the ocean currents? What if there is a shark attack or I get stung by a Manta Ray (Hollywood movies effect, duh!)? What if I drown? What if I don’t like the experience? Will there be snakes? What if I don’t get to come up? But this time, despite all the contradictions in my head, I just couldn’t stop. I somehow reminded myself to stay optimistic and enjoy the experience.

Temple Adventures has been exploring deep-sea diving in Puducherry and is one of the few Indian scuba diving centres that offer Technical Diving courses. A basic Discover Scuba session costs you only INR 6700/-. With that, you get a pool session with the instructor, a boat ride to the Dive spot, a 30-minutes dive underwater(till 12 metres), some snacks and lots of good memories to cherish. The people at the centre were really cooperative and helped us learn the basics of diving.

I couldn’t contain my happiness when the pool session started at 6 AM. I was all smiles. We changed into our wet suits and got into the pool. After a few minutes, we were learning new skills underwater. Initially, I panicked a little bit, as the mask we wore blocked our nose completely and covered our eyes. I learned that we have to breathe through my mouth which was not very comfortable initially, but after some practise you just get used to it. I was smiling the whole time with happiness and excitement. My colleagues made it their 1st rule of diving not to look at me underwater. When they looked at me, they smiled back, and water got into their mouth. Huh, Amateurs! The pool session ended soon after, and we learnt how to communicate underwater, and other survival skills like cleaning the mask (if water got into it), Equalizing, etc.

Warning: Please Don’t Try This(Smiling) Underwater. It’s Dangerous!
Can you spot the shadow of the fishes in the background?

Then we started for the ocean. We got our life jackets on and were all set for the sail. The ocean seemed a little rougher to me. It was scary at first, but the excitement of what is about to come took over and slowly we lost sight of the beach. After a ride of around 30 minutes, we reached our dive spot. The water was turquoise blue colour and the waves seemed pretty scary. For someone who has never been into Open Waters, this was a big deal!

We wore our gears and were thrown into the water backwards. My instructor, Parthiban, was already waiting in the water and took hold of me once I touched the surface. He made sure I was not panicking and asked me to look inside the water. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! What a view it was. Such clear water! I was on my heels when I spotted 4-5 fish near the surface only.

Posing with Parthi for the love of Scuba Diving

As we got deeper and deeper, my ears hurt due to the increase in pressure but my instructor was experienced enough to help me equalise and acclimatise to the change in environment. We had to come up to the surface 2 times and slowly we went down. Then started the most beautiful part. We started spotting fish in the deep. Silver moony, jackfish, bannerfish, fusiliers fish and the artificial reefs. Everything was so amazing. The experience was totally on another level. It’s a different world altogether.

We clicked a few pictures and after a wonderful dive of 30 minutes which passed like a flick of a second, we were done. We returned to the boat. There was a moment of pride for trying something so extreme and a sense of accomplishment in our hearts. After we were dropped at the centre, we showered, received the Discover Scuba certificates and sent postcards to our loved ones.

Discover Scuba Diving Program

Before diving, I used to think of diving as an activity for serious adrenaline junkies but I later realised, there’s more to it. It can actually be a meditative experience. The breathing becomes slower and your sensory organs are most active in that environment. You control your urge to panic and enjoy whatever rewards come along with it.

Now, I just think about those beautiful moments underwater in disbelief and dream about when I will be diving next. It is just the drug to get addicted to. I cannot wait to get PADI certified ASAP and go diving around the world.

So would I recommend scuba diving? DEFINITELY.

Best time to go diving? ASAP.

Trust me, you wouldn’t regret this!


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel

That night had one of the best dinners at Ka Bri War Resort, we reached the Mawlynnong village and spent the night in a homestay at the cleanest village in Asia. Even on the darkest night, we could see how clean the village was and how much positivity the place emanates.

The next day we woke up early and set out to explore the cleanest village in Asia. Mawlynnong is located 90 km from Shillong, along the India–Bangladesh border, in the East Khasi Hills district. Known for its cleanliness, the villagers collect wastes in bamboo dustbins. In 2003, Mawlynnong was awarded the title of the cleanest village in Asia by Discover India. Since 2007, every house in the village has a functional toilet. Alongside cleanliness, the village has achieved a lot- be it 100% literacy rate, or a women empowerment scenario that the rest of the world can only dream of.

Bamboo Dustbins!
Can you see women cleaning the streets in my background?

Early morning you can see women brooming the streets of the village. We walked around the village a bit and admired the efforts put up by the residents to maintain the village. Not even a dry leaf or a plastic wrapper. The households planted beautiful plants that bore pretty flowers in them. There was a tree-house whose top view cost us 20 rupees for the priceless view of Bangladesh and a beautiful sunrise. We spent some time in the tree house enjoying the view before we started off to our next destination.

Flowers from the Gardens of the Locals
View from the Tree-House Top

Meanwhile, the explorer in me wanted to collect and take away some dirt from the cleanest village I have ever seen. I found in a corner some dried leafy thing, and it was so beautiful. I don’t know what it was, but I picked it up and put it in a wooden box that I brought from the local market of Mawlynnong.

From there we started at 8:30 AM and reached a small village of Riwai. A trek of a few metres took us to the Living root bridge. The view was beautiful. The roots were of the rubber tree and are said to be strong enough to bear the weight of a whole herd of wild elephants. The root bridge is said to be 300 years old and is still growing stronger day by day.

From there, we started our journey for the famous and scary Bamboo Trek. Halfway into the journey.. our vehicle broke down again. Alas! And we were again stuck on the roads for some 2 hours. Huh, we were disappointed as most of us wanted to do that trek. But anyways, this is a part of travelling and life as well – embracing the uncertainties.

After a few hours of strolling on the road, we started for Cherapunjee. On the way to Cherapunjee, we stopped at the Mawkdok Dympep Valley viewpoint. The view was breathtaking and the cherry on the top was the maggie point at the spot that served one of the best noodles and momos. After eating to our fullest, we got to know there’s Ziplining happening nearby. We were all set for the adventure activity. Ziplining at the valley was organised by Pioneer Adventure Tours who provide the service in two different packages, one is 400 INR, (2 Way Ride) another is 800 INR (4 Way ride). I, being the daredevil that I am, took the longer one. In the longer 4-way ride, you take 2 short rides. Then after the 3rd ride, you trek a little uphill to a higher point. I got little dizzy in between due to altitude change and rested in the way for a while. Again I trekked up and from there the experience was on another level. You literally get a birds-eye view of the whole valley while flying like one from one end to another. You see a hidden waterfall in the valley to your right. You see huge trees, dense rainforest and a vast valley where the setting sun greets you through the clouds.

After the beautiful experience of Ziplining, I took some time to reflect on the past year that was on the verge of ending so beautifully. How I accomplished certain things over the past few months and here I am, ticking off some important bucket-list items. The sense of accomplishment came out of my heart onto my lips in the form of a smile while I sipped some hot milk tea admiring the sunset at the distant valley. Here I was, in the Mawkdok Valley of Meghalaya, falling in love with the state and myself while I was bidding goodbye to 2021.



Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel
  1. Bhavanipur Shakti Peeth || Shakti Aparna || Left anklet || Sherpur Village of Bangladesh
  2. Chandranath Temple || Shakti Bhawani || Right Arm || Chittagong, Bangladesh
  3. Sugandha Shakti Peeth || Shakti Sugandha || Nose || Situated on the banks of river Sonda, Shikarpur is km away from the Barisal town in Bangladesh
  4. Sri Shail || Shakti Maha-Lakshmi || Neck || Sri Shail at Jaunpur Village in Bangladesh
  5. Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple || Shakti Yogeshwari || Palms of Hand & Soles of Feet || Khulna District in Bangladesh
  6. Manasa Shakti Peeth || Shakti Dakshayani || Right Hand || Mansarovar, Tibet, China
  7. Muktinath Temple || Shakti Gandaki Chandi || Forehead || Nepal
  8. Mithila Shakti Peeth || Shakti Uma || Left shoulder || Near the Janakpur Railway Station on the border of India and Nepal lies Mithila
  9. Guhyeshwari Temple || Shakti || Mahashira || Both Knees || Kathmandu, Nepal
  10. Hinglaj Mata mandir || Shakti Kottari, Bodypart || Top of the head || Karachi, Pakistan
  11. Sharada Peeth || Maha Shakti Sharada || Right hand || Sharda, Kashmir, Pakistan Administered Kashmir
  12. Shivaharkaray || Shakti Mahisha-Mardini || Eyes || near the Parkai Railway Station, near Karachi in Pakistan
  13. Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple || Shakti Indrakshi || Anklets || Nallur in Sri Lanka
  14. Shankari Temple (part of the Koneswaram Temple) || Maha Shakti Shankari || Heart || Triconmalee, SriLanka


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel
  1. Alopi Devi Mandir || Maha Shakti Madhaveswari || Fingers || Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
  2. PanchSagar || Shakti Varahi || Lower Teeth || Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh
  3. Shakambhari Devi Temple || Maha Shakti Shakambhari || Head || Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Shri Maa Lalita Devi Mandir || Shakti Lalita || Finger || Uttar Pradesh
  5. Vishalakshi Temple || Maha Shakti Vishalakshi || Earrings || in Varansi, Uttar Pradesh
  6. Vrindavan || Shakti Uma || Ringlets of Hair || Uttar Pradesh
  7. Attahasa || Shakti Phullara || Lips || Birbhum district of West Bengal
  8. Bahula || Shakti Bahula, Body part || Left Arm || Bardhaman district in West Bengal
  9. Bakreshwar || Shakti Mahishmardini || Centre portion between eyebrows || Siuri town in in West Bengal
  10. Kalighat || Shakti Kalika || Right Toes || Kolkata, West Bengal
  11. Kankalitala || Shakti Devgarbha || Pelvis || the Birbhum District of West Bengal
  12. Kireet || Shakti Vimla || Crown || Murishabad district in West Bengal
  13. Nandikeshwari || Shakti Nandini || Necklace || Birbhum district of West Bengal
  14. Ratnavali || Shakti Kumari || Right Shoulder || Khanakul, West Bengal
  15. Shrinkala Devi Temple || Maha Shakti Shrinkala || Part of stomach || Pradmunyee (Pandua),Bengal
  16. Trisrota || Shakti Bhraaamari || Left Leg || Jalpaiguri of West Bengal
  17. Ujjani || Shakti Mangal Chandika || Right Wrist || Ujjani village in Guskara station of Burdwan district, West Bengal
  18. Vibash || Shakti Kapalini || Left Ankle || Tamluk in Medinipur district of West Bengal


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel
  1. Kamakhya Temple || Maha Shakti Kamakhya || Genitals || Guwahati, Assam
  2. Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple || Maha Shakti Bhramarambika || Neck || Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Bhimeswara Temple || Maha Shakti Manikyamba || Left cheek || Draksharamam, Andhra Pradesh
  4. Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple || Maha Shakti Puruhutika || Back || Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh
  5. Mallikarjuna Temple || Shakti Sundari || Right Anklet || Located in Tripurantakam, SriSailam in Andhra Pradesh
  6. Vishweshwari || Shakti Rakini || Cheeks || Kotilingeswar temple on the banks of Godavari River, Andhra Pradesh
  7. Mangla Gauri Temple || Maha Shakti Sarvamangala || Breast || Gaya,Bihar
  8. Shri Danteshwari Temple || Shakti Danteshwari || Tooth || Chhattisgarh
  9. Shri Ambaji Mandir || Shakti Amba || One part of the Heart || Gujarat
  10. Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple || Shakti Chandrabhaga || Stomach || Somnath Temple in Gujarat’s Junagarh district
  11. Shri Devikoop Bhadrakali Shaktipeeth Temple || Shakti Savitri || Ankle Bone || Thanesar, Kurukshetra, Haryana
  12. Jwalamukhi Temple || Maha Shakti Ambika/Siddhida || Tongue || Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh
  13. Shri Amarnath Cave Temple || Shakti Mayamaya || Throat || Jammu & Kashmir
  14. Jayadurga Temple || Second part of the Heart || Jharkhand
  15. Chamudeswari Temple || Maha Shakti JayaDurga || Both Ears || Chamundi Hills of Mysuru, Karnataka


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel
  1. Bhairavparvat || Shakti Avanti || Elbow || Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh
  2. Kalmadhav || Shakti Kali || Left Buttock || Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh
  3. Maihar || Shakti Shivani || Right Breast || Satna district of Madhya Pradesh
  4. Shondesh || Shakti Narmada || Right Buttock || at Shondesh in Amarkantak of Madhya Pradesh
  5. Eka Veerika Temple || Mahashakti Eka Veerika || Left hand || Mahur, Maharashtra
  6. Janasthaan || Shakti Bhramari || Chin || Nasik, Maharashtra
  7. Mahalakshmi Temple || Maha Shakti Aai Ambabai || Eye || Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  8. Nartiang Durga Temple || Maa Jainteshwari || Left Thigh || Meghalaya
  9. Biraja || Maha Shakti Vimla || Navel || Odisha
  1. Jalandhar || Shakti Tripurmalini || Left Breast || Punjab
  2. Bharatpur || Shakti Ambika || Left Toes || Rajasthan
  3. Manibandh || Shakti Gayatri || Wrists || Gayatri Hills in Ajmer, Rajasthan
  4. Shri Jogulamba Temple || Mahashakti Jogulamba || Teeth || Alampur, Gadwal district, Telangana
  5. Kamakshi Amman Temple || Navel || Maha Shakti Kamakshi Amman || Kanchi,Tamil Nadu
  6. Kanyashram || Shakti Sravani || Spine || in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
  7. Shuchi || Shakti Narayani || Upper Teeth || Kanyakumari road of Tamil Nadu
  8. Shakti Tripur Sundari || Right Foot || Udaipur town, Tripura


Bucket List Ticked Off, Travel
  1. Somnath in Gir Somnath, Gujarat

  1. Mallikarjuna in Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

  1. Mahakaleshwara in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

  1. Omkareshwara in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

  1. Kedarnath in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

  1. Bhimashankara in Pune, Maharashtra

  1. Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

  1. Triambakeshwara in Nashik, Maharashtra
  1. Baidyanath in Deoghar, Jharkhand

  1. Nageshwara in Dwarka, Gujarat

  1. Rameshwaram in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

  1. Ghrishneshwara in Aurangabad, Maharashtra


Bucket List Ticked Off, Lifestyle

Happy Women’s Day!! Being a woman, mockery for not being a “good driver” would have surely come your way and Women’s Day is all about breaking these Glass Ceilings. Recently, I uploaded a video of me driving a car. This was a moment of achievement as it has been one of the major bucket list items that I have been planning to tick off for a long time, partially because I am turning 26 soon (though I totally don’t feel it 😛 ).

Yeah, what a shame, to be turning 26 and still not knowing how to drive a car. Since my friends drive like I have extra lives, I decided to do myself a favor and learn driving myself. This is how it was struck off my bucket list.

This journey had started in 2019 when a colleague (and a very good friend of mine) offered to teach me and few of my friends how to drive. Those were my initial lessons and i was taught the ABCs of driving, literally. So, the first car that I had started learning on was a Ford Aspire.

With the onset of the pandemic, work from home began. I lost touch from the usual practise. When the lockdown was lifted, I and my sister decided that we should learn driving together.

26th January 2021, the day when we started the training with one of the reputed driving training schools – Peacock Driving Training School!!

The trainer Mr. Sankar who has been training people to drive for the past 12 years was very welcoming and made sure I was not too nervous before the beginning of the lessons. With my experience of driving, I had learnt that it’s very important to be calm and relaxed when you drive, otherwise things can go wrong. The trainer patiently took control and explained the technicalities perfectly, and again whenever things went wrong. The training went on for a span of two weeks. At the end of the training, I was pretty sure I could drive decently.

Life with Lax SUbhalaxmi Driving Happiness is taking my Dad's Place in the Driving Seat

On the 16th day, I decided to start practising in our own car, an Indica Vista. This turned out to be a very traumatic experience at first. It took time to understand the controls as it was way different from the training car that I had driven previously. The clutch seemed quite sensitive, it felt as if I don’t require an accelerator in this one. The steering had a different story to tell, the left side mirror was missing and so was my ability to reverse the car properly. My father who was there to help me out with learning about the controls was in a frenzy.

I was nervous. Confused. Lost. And almost in tears!!

With time, things got better. I got more comfortable with every turn I took. I started to love the smoothness of it, instead of the grumbling engine of the training school car. The gears and clutch control came more naturally to me this time. The techniques learnt from the training school were polished with practise. After almost a week or two, I was ready to hit the road.

What did I learn from this experience?

Be responsible when on road.
When driving you are responsible for your life, and also for others who are with you on road. Rash driving is most likely to injure other people and might land you in jail for up to 6 months.

Don’t be over-confident about your skills.
Things can go wrong in a flick of seconds and you might hurt other people on road. Stay completely focused and relaxed. Understand how much you can handle and abide by that.

Go by techniques, rather than just intuitions.
Techniques will help you get through emergency situations. Remember what you learnt from your trainer: how to drive uphill, what gear to apply, how to control the clutch in a busy road.
My personal recommendation would be to maintain a safe distance from all sides and the vehicles around you. When you are in a country like India, where the number of vehicles on road is increasing day-by-day, it is very normal to encounter unforeseen situations. Keeping a safe distance will enable you to act when such a situation comes up. Inculcating this habit in the beginning stages can greatly help you in the future.

Have someone to help, if needed.
Initially start with an experienced and cool minded trainer. I cannot emphasize it more. I have known people who could not learnt driving due to impatient and short-tempered trainers. Be mentally prepared for anything. It is recommended to start with a car with controls on both sides. (Training schools teach you in such cars!)

Observe and Learn.
If someone is driving you, observe the driver and their actions in different situations. You should be able to predict when to change the gears, control the clutch, look out for other vehicles and change the lanes while giving space to other cars.

Learning new things has always been my thing and driving is unarguably a must-have-skill. Be it a travel trip or any medical emergency, driving makes you reliable and independent, and lets you live life to the fullest. Don’t be skeptical about learning to drive, if you haven’t already. Trust me, you won’t regret this.

Happy Driving!

With Love,


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