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Oh! what a beauty.

Recently I visited Meghalaya on a trip with my friend. Here’s what I did and my experience of the place.

Being culturally rich and naturally gifted in abundance, Meghalaya, the abode of clouds was all set to win my heart from Day 1. This time I travelled with the tourist company India on wheels which organised a 7-day trip covering the whole of Meghalaya.

The Trip started on 27th December. Early morning we reached the Guwahati Airport and after a small breakfast, we started our day for Shillong. The beauty of Shillong needs no introduction. The expansive landscapes, towering trees and bewitching lakes, no wonder early European settlers named it “Scotland of the East”. We reached Shillong after a 3-hour long journey, but the excitement of exploring the beautiful state nullified the tiring journey. Before reaching Shillong, the first place we explored on the way was Umiam Lake. The lake is also known as Borapani Lake locally and is a man-made lake in the middle of the hills with an enthralling backdrop. The size and magnificence of the lake will leave you awestruck. There were options of boating and enjoying some fun activities, but we had our introduction besides the Lake.

I travelled with a group of 18 people who were fun hanging out with at a different level altogether. There were software engineers, CAs, businessmen, housewives, kids, and all of them bound together by the love for travel and exploring places. After a brief introduction which was turned into an ice-breaking session, we started towards ML05 Cafe where we were served the tastiest meal that we least expected. Set up amidst beautiful tall pine trees and plantations all around ML05 cafe is a concept café that celebrates Shillong’s love for road trips & food.

After the sumptuous lunch and a quick photo session around the cafe, we headed towards the hotel room for the day.

We stayed at Silver Brooke Shillong Homestay for the night. The restaurant served one of the tastiest noodles I had tasted in my life. Then came the chilliest night I had ever experienced in my whole life. I belong to Bhubaneswar wherein in the coldest months, temperatures drop to a minimum of 16-18 degrees, and here I was struggling my way through the night in 5-7 degrees celsius. The next day I woke up early, got dressed and I was ready for the day again. The weather seemed to agree with me and so did the vibes of the city. With tasty Aloo Parathas, a soothing warm tea was served that we gladly gobbled to keep our core body temperature in place.

Trying to keep it all together in the आत्मा को दहला देने वाली ठण्डक…

After breakfast, we started towards our next day towards the next destination. The Grand Laitlum Canyon. A lush-green valley, Laitlum Canyons literally does justice to its name meaning “end of hills”, because the viewpoint appears at the edge of the land. Breathtaking gorges, steep winding paths, and carpeted hillsides snake their way down the valley.

Laitlum Canyon – The Grand Canyon of India

Later, we re-started the journey to our next destination. We were to cover Nartiang Monoliths, Krang Suri Falls, Nartiang ShaktiPeeth and end our day at Shnongpdeng. But alas! within 1 hour of the journey our vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere…



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